TLR – is our record label dating back to the early 2000’s when it was part of a project we ran called From Teesside with Love. It actually stands for (from) Teesside (with) Love Records.

Back when it all started, we released local music on CD and vinyl…uploads and downloads were very much in their infancy and online music tended to be pirated and not for the likes of us.

Things tend to move in cycles and here we are 20 odd years later with a need for a vehicle to host online music for some of the amazing artists that we’ve been working with recently… so why reinvent the wheel, when TLR had been sitting on our shelf, waiting to be used again. Welcome back old friend…

This page will feature some of the current crop of artists that we’re working with; and we may even delve into our back catalogue and remind everyone what a great musical heritage that we have in our area…

TLR Label

Between 2000 and 2010 we released a number of singles and albums featuring some of the finest artists in the Tees area – fantastic artists including Mercedes, BQSL, Dirty Weekend, Junior Elvis all released music with us.

Now there’s a new wave of Tees based talent and although people listen to music on different formats these days, there’s still a hunger for great music – whether on a CD, a piece of vinyl or digitally conjured up from a cloud somewhere.

Watch this space for news of our releases as they happen…


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