Tees Music Alliance & NARC Magazine present Tues-DIY Music Masterclasses

Tees Music Alliance have teamed up with North-East culture and music magazine NARC to offer a series of informal
masterclasses for independent musicians, providing an opportunity to learn new skills and get advice
from real experts in their fields. The free and impartial events will take place every Tuesday in October (6.30-8pm) at the
Georgian Theatre bar.

Claire Dupree, Editor of Narc Magazine said:
“We’re really pleased to be joining forces with Tees Music Alliance to offer musicians in the North
East an opportunity to learn skills and get advice from real experts in their fields. It’s really important
to us that we’re able to give free, impartial and meaningful help to musicians and creatives in the
region, as we all reach towards a common goal of improving and strengthening the region’s cultural
scene. We’re excited to meet some fresh faces and can’t wait to see what people are working on!”

Tees Music Alliance’s music development coordinator, David Saunders adds:
“Being a DIY musician/creative isn’t easy. You learn a lot about what’s right and what’s wrong via
mistakes, which can be costly in terms of money, time and confidence. NARC, like ourselves, care
deeply about grassroots and emerging talent and we are delighted that the outcome of this
collaboration can offer valuable guidance to those who just want to get out there, with or without the
help of the industry.“

Events are as follows...

Tuesday 1st October
LIVE: get gigs and run DIY shows
Increase your band’s gigging profile, learn how to approach promoters and festivals, and find out the
secrets to running your own successful DIY gig. Veteran DIY musician Ste Bardgett (Mouses),
Teesside gig collective Sad For Life and festival and event organiser Sarah Wilson will join NARC.
editor Claire Dupree and web editor and Tees Music Alliance’s David Saunders for an insightful
discussion on how to get gigs and run successful DIY shows.

Tuesday 8th October
RELEASE: DIY releasing and running record labels
Clue Records label boss Scott Lewis joins Durham’s head honcho of Sapien Records, David Smith,
and DIY musician Danni Johnson, to talk about their experiences releasing music on labels and by
themselves, attempting to demystify the record releasing industry along the way!

Tuesday 15th October
IMAGE: music videos and promo photos
Learn how to make your own music video, the importance of image and taking great band photos
and how to make your band/act stand out. Videographer Jay Dawson, photographer David Wala and
graphic designer and musician Rob Irish run a helpful session on music videos and photography.

Tuesday 22nd October
PROMOTE: get press, radio airplay and be excellent at social media
Learn how to write a press release, communicate effectively with press and media, get radio airplay
and make your social media work for you. NARC. editor Claire Dupree and web editor David
Saunders welcome social media expert Henry Carden and radio presenter Alex Burgess for a
practical guide to promotion.

Tuesday 29th October
Interested in writing about music and culture but don’t know where to start, or want to improve your
skills? NARC. editor Claire Dupree is joined by fellow magazine writers Linsey Teggert, who also
writes for national publications like Upset magazine, and Johnathan Ramsey, who has a background
in blogging and writing about hip-hop. Bring some of your work for constructive critique, or just learn
on the night!

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