About Tees Music Alliance and Our Work

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Tees Music Alliance has been responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in music to Teesside as part of a fantastic programme of live events...

However, not many people know that TMA is actually a charitable organisation - operating for the benefit of local musicians, local audiences and local community groups.

We've been operating as a not-for-profit social enterprise since 1986 and we run a range of activities with the aim of improving peoples lives, their experiences and their opportunities.  We’re more than just a music organisation; we provide useful and interesting things to fill people’s lives with, whilst helping to make Stockton, Teesside and the North East a better place to live and work in.

We support and promote the concept of music as a means of enjoyment, self-fulfilment, self-expression, economic regeneration, capacity building and confidence building.

A lot of the people that come through our doors think they have a "gap" in their lives... we try to fill those gaps - offering friendship, training and experience - building confidence or just offering a place to come to on an evening or weekend.

We celebrate the contribution that creative people make to society and we actively promote our home grown artists - offering them performance and development opportunities as part of our wide ranging and far reaching programme of activity.  We run affordable, professional quality recording and rehearsal facilities and offer advice to local musicians on how to develop their talents and how best to showcase them

We also recognise the social benefits of producing and enjoying art; and how the arts can also provide meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities.  Our work with young people offers structured activity, developing a sense of responsibility and providing opportunities to learn new skills and express themselves in a safe environment. 

We encourage participation in creative activity through our volunteering programme; with a view to equipping people with skills and experience that will assist with their ability to enter - or return to - the jobs market, in turn contributing to the local economy.  

You can help us to do more by donating money to help pay for some of the things we do… or maybe consider becoming a sponsor of one or more of our events.




When you buy a ticket for any of our events you will be given the option to make a small donation.  The ticket you buy contributes to the cost of staging each event – but your donation will be used to pay for some of our other project work.


We also hope that businesses will consider making a donation towards the work that we do with and for local people.

Your money will go towards helping us achieve some of the many social outputs that we deliver through our day to day work, events and projects.  By donating to TMA you’ll help us connect with more of our untapped talent, more young people, more volunteers – and more people who want to make a positive change in their lives.

For more information on corporate donations; please contact us via the link at the top of this page.



Tees Music Alliance can give you as a sponsor the opportunity to directly place your brand in front of a large target audience.

Our events attract media coverage at a national level.  Local and regional links with Television, Newspaper Groups, Magazines and Radio have been established over many years and prove fruitful in providing additional marketing benefits.  Social media increase our reach even further.

Our events and activities showcase some of the freshest up and coming artists and is tailored towards a varied and vibrant market.

Our audience is consistently expanding, giving you prime placing towards a diverse and eclectic range of individuals all absorbing and engaging with your brand message.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities; please contact us via the link at the top of this page.